Events at Sand Hill Park

May 1, 2017

Opening Day

Sand Hill Park opens for the 163rd season!

May 21 Dusk

Victoria Day Fireworks Display

Come out and enjoy free admission to our fireworks display. Donations are accepted and all proceeds going towards the local fire department (Fairground Station 8).

July 8 8-10pm

Terry Empey

George Strait Tribute

July 8 10am

Bicycle Decorating Contest

Kids Event. Bring the kids to decorate their bikes and bring home a prize.

July 15 10am

Horseshoe Tournament

Free to join and trophies to be won.

July 15 11am-5pm

Craft Show

Local vendors bring a wide display of crafts for sale.

July 16 11am-5pm

Craft Show

Local vendors bring a wide display of crafts for sale.

July 22 10am

Crazy about Bugs!

Did you know that insects are the most diverse group of animals that exist on the planet? They come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes and each species play a unique and vital role in its habitat. Come out and explore a world so tiny that you may need a magnifying glass (and net) to see it! Investigate the amazing variety of insects through games, hands-on activites, and a bug collecting adventure.

July 29 8pm

Tia McGraff

Local sensation Tia McGraff playing at Sand Hill Park bandshell.

July 29 10am

At Risk! Disappearing Reptiles

The Long Point-Norfolk region boasts a remarkable diversity of reptiles including 19 species of turtles and snakes. Unfortunately, many reptile species are considered ‘Species at Risk’. This program will not only educate about the daily challenges these animals face but also will help alleviate any misconceptions and fears around reptiles, especially snakes. We will bring along a variety of life-like turtle and snake replicas which should help prepare us for a walk in search of these fascinating animals.

August 5 10am

Adapting Amphibians

Did you know that some frog species can survive the cold winter months by freezing almost completely solid? Or that, salamanders can grow another tail after it has been lost to a predator? These are just some of the many amazing adaptations that amphibians possess to help them survive day to day, and a preview of what this program is all about. Come on by and check out our life-like amphibian replicas and join us as we lace our hiking boots and go on an amphibian adventure at the Sand Hills!

August 5 7-10pm

Slim Pickins

Come out and listen to a local country band.

August 12 10 AM.

Never Give UP: Learning about Helping Turtles

Several years ago Jan Everett wrote a children’s book about a turtle trying to cross the road called Never Give Up. Jan and husband John deliver this fun hour in which she does a reading followed by a demonstration by John onhoeto safely carry turtles across the road. There will also be a collection of replica turtles native to the area for kids to learn about. Fun for all ages!

August 12 7-10pm

The Schotts

Local artists. Come out and listen to the Schott Family and future stars. The Schotts

August 26 2pm

Sand Sculpture Contest

Head down to the beach and create a masterpiece. Trophies to be won.

September 2 7-10pm

Olivia Mae Graham

Come out and listen to a local country singer.

October 9

Closing Day 2017